Beautiful surroundings help make life pleasant. If your garden looks green and tidy and if the pool sparkles and shimmers in the summer sun, it gives you a tremendous psychological boost. However, to get your yard to that point takes work, and that’s where Glendale Lawn Maintenance and Pool Services comes into the picture.

Glendale Lawn Maintenance and Pool Services provides a professional, attention-to-detail service. Whether gardens are the landscaped surrounds of apartment buildings, commercial structures, or individual yards, we’ll tackle the job with enthusiasm and dedication.

Lawn Care

Lawns can be the most visually appealing and impactful part of a garden, and they need lots of care and attention to keep them in tip-top condition. The lawn is where families make some of their happiest memories—toddlers taking their first steps, boisterous ball games, glamorous wedding receptions, nostalgic 50th wedding anniversaries.

Glendale Lawn Maintenance and Pool Services offers the following lawn care solutions:

Full lawn care service
Lawn maintenance and fertilization with organic and natural products
Lawn mowing
Core aeration
Power seeding
Removal of weeds and crab grass
Tending to trees and shrubs
Control of insects and pests
Yard maintenance

Pool Maintenance

We all can agree that swimming pools are fun. However, to keep the water crystal clear and the pool lining spotless requires regular treatment. Pool maintenance is not always a simple affair, and often knowledge of filtration systems and chemical balancing is necessary. We have a team of fully trained staff to ensure that pool parties and swimming workouts alike are carried out in water that is safe and clean.

Glendale Lawn Maintenance and Pool Services specializes in the following pool maintenance services:

Full pool maintenance
Insertion of pool chemicals
Testing the chemical balance of the water
Vacuuming and brushing the sides and bottom of the pool
Emptying leaf baskets
Skimming the surface to remove debris
Cleaning of filters

Contact Glendale Lawn Maintenance and Pool Services today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. You too can have a lawn and pool to be proud of!